TRENDING IN FOOD: A “Clean Label” definition …

… can be a difficult thing to define.

Clean Label initiatives have become a routine focus in today’s food industry, but what exactly does Clean Label mean?  How is Clean Label defined?  Given that Clean Label lacks any regulatory definition or standards, in most cases the answer lies in the opinion of your brand’s consumer.

Does it mean using no “modified” ingredients, no synthesized products, using only water-processed “natural” gums, no artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup, or only utilizing natural flavors & colors?

The truth is that Clean Label means some or all of these things, depending upon who’s defining it.  Like having a favorite color or style of music, Clean Label is subjective, and is based upon one’s own perceptions of what constitutes “Clean”.

Many retailer & restaurant Clean Label lists exist, outlining which ingredients are either allowed or prohibited in foods that they market, and these resources are a good place to start your process of defining what Clean Label means for you.

In most all cases, operating within the most concise ingredient approach possible, for example replacing bulking sweeteners with sucrose, or focusing on reducing the total number of ingredients used, will be in a food formulators best interest to align with most consumers expectations for Clean Label.  After all, it’s not as important how or under what constraints you define Clean Label, but rather that your Clean Label product resonates with your targeted consumer audience.

That’s where Dairy Ingredients can help.  With a firm understanding of retailer guidance, industry best practices, and best-case Clean Label functional ingredient solutions, we are here to partner with you in your Clean Label pursuits.

We have numerous Clean Label solutions developed for many product categories, and with our ingredient expertise and laboratory capabilities we can develop a custom solution for your particular product application and process.  Dairy Ingredients is here to assist with navigating the Clean Label maze, and to provide you with functional ingredient systems that best meet your optimal Clean Label definition.

Reach out to us on our Contact Us tab to begin your clean label journey.  We’re here to help.

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